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Texas Monthly article, June 2014.
You know that fracking boom? Now it’s putting Texas at the front of a new energy race: exporting natural gas to the rest of the world.

The scramble to build natural gas export facilities is a multibillion-dollar game of musical chairs, and Texas is shaping up to be center stage. If all the current applicants were to complete the projects they propose—there are around 25 of them—the combined export capacity would be almost 36 billion cubic feet of gas a day, which is much more than the market can bear. With the exception of a few of the biggest oil companies, most permit applicants will have to borrow the billions they need to develop facilities. Lenders require applicants to show proof of long-term contracts from buyers with the financial resources to  back them up—major global companies like Toshiba or BP. Smith says that a more realistic level of exports would be about 15 billion cubic feet a day—less than half of what’s been applied for. And we aren’t likely to hit even that level before 2022, at the earliest.

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Texas Monthly

Why Tom Steyer's Millions Aren't Going To Save The Planet
Do as I say, not as I've done. That seems to be the theme of billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer's attempt to reconcile his past as an investor with plans to raise $100 million to champion environmental causes in the political arena.

The New York Times recently published a lengthy article about how Steyer's former investment firm, Farallon Capital Management, has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into coal projects around the world in the past 15 years. Steyer, who became wealthy from his tenure atop Farallon, sold his stake in the firm in late 2012 and no longer earns a share of its profits. He remains a passive investor although his holdings are screened to remove any fossil fuel related investments from his portfolio, the Times reported.
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Mary Barra
Tom Steyer (Photo credit: Fortune Live Media)
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My latest book, The Man Who Thought Like a Ship, was released in April, 2012. This is a very personal story for me, but also one I think you'll find interesting. In some ways, it's a book I wrote a little more each time someone asked me the seemingly simple question: "What does your father do?"

View the video below the see the reconstruction of the Kyrenia Ship


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